Our Offer

We only work with proven brands.
Depending on your needs, we offer wall, cassette, duct, floor and ceiling air-conditioning units, as well as multisplit solutions.


After a very thorough visual inspection, proposing the best possible solutions to the customer and his choice of one of these solutions, we proceed to the installation. We agree a possible date with the customer, prepare the room and carry out an EFFICIENT and CLEAN installation.


The most common cause of breakdowns is an unclean air conditioner, so regular servicing of air conditioning units is very important for their proper functioning, protects against breakdowns and, above all, protects users from the illnesses that can result from using a dirty air conditioner.


We recognise that choosing the right appliance for a room is crucial for comfort and has a major impact on our customers' finances.

That is why we spend most of our time at the inspection stage matching the right brands with the right power.

klimatyzacja Wrocław montaż
klimatyzacja Wrocław montaż sprzedaż


We also sell wall-mounted and portable air conditioners as well as air purification units for our homes and offices. Our entire range of products is available for individual customer needs.


Because of the range of certifications and knowledge held by its staff, Cord also provides air conditioning decommissioning services.

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