Air conditioning service Wrocław

serwis klimatyzacji Wrocław

Regular dezinfection of your Air Conditionig device is very important because of 2 points: - You are taking care of your family/house mates by not letting them breath air full of dust and humidity, - You are extending vitality and keeping guarantee of your device

Air conditioning repair Wrocław is one of our daily duties. Our customers in Wroclaw and the surrounding area are under constant care of our service technicians.

Signs of poor air conditioning maintenance can include poor air quality, dirty grilles and surrounding ceiling tiles, unpleasant odours due to mould build-up and poor heating/cooling performance. Improving the efficiency of your air conditioning can therefore lead to significantly lower energy bills.

Other benefits include increased staff comfort and productivity, and general environmental impact reduction benefits such as a better corporate image among customers, investors and employees.

Typical problems such as blocked air filters, dirty indoor/outdoor coils can account for a high percentage of service calls to customers without service contracts. This can lead to costly repairs and, in some cases, manufacturers will not uphold a warranty claim if the system has no maintenance record. It is more cost-effective to maintain than replace.

From one-off annual visits to regular monthly visits, we can service/maintain all types of air conditioning equipment in all types of environments, from residential to industrial. Our engineers are fully qualified to industry standards and our flexibility allows us to work within office hours. Under EU gas regulations, it is legally required that your air conditioning is regularly checked by qualified engineers.

We can provide our customers with 24-hour service protection 365 days a year with an optional 24-hour emergency call.

This applies to applications such as catering and server/communication rooms, where temperature is critical and downtime must be kept to a minimum.

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